Rare, Unusual, and Significant Plants of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Database

California Native Plant Society, East Bay Chapter

The purpose of this database and the data contained therein is to help protect and preserve the native flora of California, and the User agrees to uphold that purpose. Any use of this database to hinder, defeat, or go against that purpose will be considered a breach of this User Agreement and will result in immediate termination of that person’s User Account. This includes, but is not limited to, the digging up or collecting of plant material for the purpose of planting in one’s own garden or any other use without proper and complete permitting and authorization. Note that such actions are illegal and punishable by law.

Please be sure to read the User Agreement carefully and be sure you agree to its terms. It is not a long one but it has some very important points.

The User agrees to respect the private property rights of the data within the database and will not duplicate, distribute, sell, or commercially exploit that data. The data may be referenced in academic, non-commercial, and non-profit contexts, and it may be downloaded and altered in format for analytical purposes, but only if the data is cited on each page containing that data. The citation to be used can be found at the bottom of each results page in the database.

While accuracy is one of our highest goals, the accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed and the User understands and accepts that he/she is using the data at their own risk. The User is encouraged to personally verify data before use in critical applications.

If professional level consulting data is required, the appropriate entities must be contacted for permits for collection, access to non-public lands, and otherwise professional work tasks. Data from the database cannot be represented as, or replace, professional survey work for a professional study, environmental impact report, etc. Field conditions constantly change, and current and timely professional surveys must be performed by competent, professional botanists for any such studies and reports.

The User agrees to respect restrictions of access to sensitive data, where applicable. Access to sensitive data is only available by permission, and requests for such access must be made in writing to

The East Bay Chapter of The California Native Plant Society will continually update and edit the data and will do so without notice. Questions about the currency of the data, as well as other questions or comments, reports of errors, etc., should be directed to for technical problems, or for botanical questions.

Neither the California Native Plant Society, nor the database administrator as the compiler of this database, are responsible for any misuse, misinterpretation, or unintended consequences of use of the data contained in the database, and they are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of that data.

Please be sure to read the User Agreement carefully and be sure you agree to its terms.

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